Buffalo Kids Arts & Crafts

The littlest of Buffaloes roam here……..

They get to listen to many children’s musical performances, paint, dance, sing, and create crafts to their heart’s content.

The Rainbow Arch
Simply look for the RAINBOW ARCH
walk through it to join the FUN!

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The GIGANTIC Buffalo Kids Area!!

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Arts & Crafts
Here Little Buffaloes get to create
a variety of ARTS & CRAFTS projects
“under the big tent”!

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Kids’s Area Performances
All kinds of Musical and Dance Acts!
Just for the kids.. Over at the Buffalo Kids Stage.

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Creative Painting
Express yourself at EASELS
scattered across the lawn!

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Many projects use “re-purposed-recycled” items,
so children can “honor the earth”
while being creative & resourceful
with stuff they can find at home!

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