All Day Events:

  • Potters wheel demonstration in the Classroom Annex with John Guarnera from the Ceramics Club of Harrisburg Area Community College (HACC)
    John teaches kids classes at the Carlisle Arts and Learning Center and has done demonstrations at the State Museum. He is an active potter and sells pottery.
  • Blacksmith demo with… TBA
  • The Mural Tent workshop is all day.
    “Special Thanks to The Art Depot of Mechanicsburg for sponsoring the Mural Project.”

Scheduled Events:

  • 12:00pm: Tai Chi ~with Bonnie Luther~
  • 12:30pm: Reflexology Workshop with Maureen Maxwell
  • 01:00pm: Creative Spirit Fusion ~In the Buffalo Kids Performance Tent~
  • 02:30pm: All ages drum Workshop  ~At the Mill~
  • 03:00pm:Make Healing Wands and Talking Sticks with Millie Wilczynskin
  • 04:00pm: YiQuan Qigong Workshop with Maureen Maxwell
  • 04:00pm: Parade Prep (in children’s area)
  • 04:50pm: Children’s Celebratory Parade (Performance Tent to Main Stage Drum Circle)
  • 05:00pm: Essential Oil Blending Workshop with Alice Rahn!

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Bonnie Luther has been practicing Tai Chi for 20 years, has a Tai Chi Association Affiliation and had the Mountain Tai Chi studio in Newport for many years.

Reflexology is now defined by our 3 governing organizations:

  • The Reflexology Association of America
  • The American Reflexology Certification Board
  • The National Council for Reflexology Educators

“Reflexology is a protocol of manual techniques, such as thumb and finger-walking, hook and backup and rotating-on-a-point, applied to specific reflex areas predominantly on the feet and hands. These techniques stimulate the complex neural pathways linking body systems, supporting the body’s efforts to function optimally. The effectiveness of reflexology is recognized worldwide by various national health institutions and the public at large as a distinct complementary practice within the holistic health field. (RAA 2016)

In this 1/2 hour workshop, Maureen will present a short history of this holistic modality and then demonstrate on two individuals and allow them to tell the audience what they experienced.

Maureen is a Certified Reflexologist with training from Mentors in the USA, The UK and Spain . She is a Ursi Reiki Master/Teacher and a daily Yiquan Qigong Practitioner. She also has many energy studies and certificates to use from her healing toolbox.

Maureen Maxwell

My Heart and Soul Reflexology

Maureen Maxwell is a certified Reflexologist, ReikiMaster and Yiquan Qigong Teacher in Harrisburg, Pennslyvania

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Multicultural and expressive drum and dance experiential for the family with Lara Vracarich and friends!

Fun for the whole family, learning basic drum technique and improvisation and co-create a rhythm and dance experience! Come on out to shake loose, connect and express through music and dance.  Multicultural dance experiential supported by the community rhythm circle. Also a warm up for Youth Arts Showcase.

Lara Vracarich loves awakening the joy of dance and drumming in others, strengthening their sense of self, community connection and freedom of expression.  As Creative Spirit Fusion, she performs multicultural and expressive dance, rhythm and spoken word and offers experiential workshops. Lara has a degree in “Human Development: Dance Therapy” and teaches classes for all ages at festivals, studios and community centers.

“I don’t want to work, just want to bang on the drums all day!” If that describes you, join Yvonne and drum away!   Drumming with Yvonne Sadowy of Unity Drummers and NAYO African Drum Collective. She teaches adults and children’s classes in the area.  Located at the Mill.

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Millie Wilczynski invites you to explore the power of creating in a medicine way.  In this workshop you will create a Magik Wand using crystals, feathers, and wood blessed by the tree itself…

The wand is an ancient energetic tool, which has many magical & mystical uses.  Bring your healing wands to dance with in the children’s parade.

Yiquan Qigong is a Standing/Siting /Walking Meditation Qigong which will help you “Get Out Of Pain” and used as a daily mediation practice that will also increase brain clarity and focus and enhance daily energy.  Maureen will discuss the meaning of QI and the Acupuncture Meridians and will lead an introductory 10  minute Yiguan Qigong  standing and then a short walking meditation, not out of the area just a demonstration of the movement for Yiquan walking.

Maureen studied with Ken Cohen,  a Qigong healer  and is also a student of Dr Chris Laseter and has been practicing Yiguan Qigong , daily, for the past 8 years. She is also a certified Reflexologist a Reiki Master/Healer and a student of many form of energy healing.

Maureen Maxwell

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Pick up instruments, make dancing sticks with feathers and fabric, fabric wings &/or embellishments for the parade.  Table will be set up throughout the day for creating things for the parade with parental supervision.

Children’s celebratory parade beginning at Buffalo Kids Performance Tent and journeying to main stage drum circle. Come join in drumming and dancing celebrating the children and the unity of community!

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Alice Rahn, Diamond Wellness Advocate has been educating and sharing her passion for natural medicine for over 7 years.

She is a mother of 4 and is currently in a dual certification program through Washington Institute of Natural Medicine studying the
Holistic Nutrition Consultant and Holistic Healthcare Practitioner programs.  She loves educating on natural ways to care for your
family, from cleaning, to making your own hygiene products, to supporting your families health and emotional needs she has knowledge
in all areas.

Alice and her husband Bill are also very involved in homesteading and permaculture.  They live locally and have two goats, two dogs, a small garden, orchard and lots of bamboo.  As a family they are passionate about the state of our current healthcare system, food systems, environment and the influx of chemicals we now are faced with on a daily basis.

Come learn a little about essential oils and blend your own bottle to take with you.

Follow their homestead through and learn more about essential oils on their website

Alice Rahn
My Oil Friend LLC, Owner
Wellness Advocate
doTERRA Diamond – 48636



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