Writer’s Nook 2017


Writer’s Nook Schedule

1:30 - Michael Francis Wright
2:00 - Open Reading
2:30 - Lynne Reeder
3:00 - Open Reading
3:30 - William G. Davies Jr.
4:00 - Open Reading
4:30 – Melody Davis
5:00 – Nook Closing

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Michael Francis Wright

Michael Francis Wright is a poet living & creating in Pennsylvania for the last 20 years. His poems center around social justice, spirituality, & interpersonal vortexes, where he constantly unites humanity & nature in a dynamic dance of harmony. He is the author of, Water Treading In Serious Earth.

Lynne Reeder, a lifelong resident of Duncannon, served as the 2016 Perry County Poet Laureate, and has made it part of her life’s mission to bring poetry into the everyday life of residents in her hometown community. She strives to make her work relatable , accessible, and poignant. She has had pieces published in various anthologies, including Strange Magic from Sunbury Press (“Feral”), [Insert Yourself Here] by The Paragon Journal (“Fragility”, “Memory Skin”, “Of Green Stuff Woven”), and The Soapbox Volume 2: Home.

In addition to writing, Lynne spends her time wrangling two adorable and feisty little girls in between teaching American Literature and Creative Writing at West Perry High School. Lynne’s book, Found Between the Lines, is available for purchase at the PCCA Gallery or Amazon.

Lynne Reeder

William G. Davies Jr.

William G. Davies Jr. is the reigning Perry County Poet Laureate.  He also was named Poet Laureate in 2013  and 2015.  Letters submitted to various newspapers (on a myriad of subjects) were his springboard to writing. He’s enjoyed a particularly good rapport with The Perry County Times.  He says, “The stringing together of words into something magical still confounds me but therein lies its beauty and it is positively thrilling to share it with others”.

Bill has been published in many literary journals including: The Cortland Review, Bluepepper, The Blue Lyra Review, The Wilderness House Review, Gloom Cupboard, Foliate Oak Literary Review.  He was recently accepted for publication in India’s Taj Mahal Literary Review.

Mr. Davies is 60 some years old.  He has been married to Theresa, for more than four decades. He lives on ten magnificent acres in Elliottsburg.

Bill has had an on and off relationship with a 1958 Triumph TR3A British roadster for nearly thirty years much to the chagrin of his wife.

Melody Davis, a writer and art historian, is the author of three  poetry collections. With print maker, Harold Lohner, she has recently published a collection of haiku, One Ground Beetle.  This collaborative work was featured as an exhibition at the Landis House and other venues.  Davis is also the author of  Holding the Curve, poetry from Broadstone Books (2013), and a work on historical stereography, Women’s Views:  The Narrative Stereograph in Nineteenth-Century America  from the University Press of New Hampshire (2015).  She has held writing fellowships from the National Endowment for the Arts, The Pennsylvania Council of the Arts, and the Henry Luce Foundation.  She was named Artist of the Year from the Perry County Council of the Arts and was twice the Poet Laureate of Perry County.  She teaches art history at The Sage Colleges in Albany and Troy, New York.

Melody Davis

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